Digital quantum simulation for spin and fermionic systems


The module qat.fermion is currently in alpha version. It is still experimental. The installation is done via the source code directly, see the repository installation instruction here.

This is the reference documentation for the qat.fermion module. Its aim is to provide tools for describing and solving spin and fermionic problems. This includes, among others:

  • objects to help you define fermionic and spin Hamiltonians,

  • spin-to-fermion transformations, such as Jordan-Wigner, Bravyi-Kitaev or parity basis transformations,

  • variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) tools, including a module to construct a UCC ansatz,

  • tools aimed at atomic and molecule studies (active space selection, basis transformations,…etc),

  • a trotterization module,

  • a quantum phase estimation module,

qat.fermion features have been broken down in two parts.

We also provide the following Jupyter notebooks:


The source code documentation is available here.